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Marguerite Mc Alpine, founder of brand Mc Alpine Clothing, in June 2018, completed her National Diploma and BTECH in Fashion Design and Technology from the University of Johannesburg. Obtaining the title of student of the year with both qualifications, and with the use of natural fibres, Marguerite’s design style is modern and minimalist with clean lines and simple colour pallets. The Mc Alpine Clothing style includes a combination of street and chic, being casual in a not so casual way, and is all about comfort, quality and unique items that will last a lifetime.

The inspiration behind Mc Alpine’s latest collection is “Waste Not, Want Not” – using what one has carefully and without extravagance. “From repurposing scrap fabrics, using left over fabric from previous collections, zero-waste garments and breathing new life into some of our old favourites, the entire collection is the epitome of making use of what we have”, says Marguerite.